Location & Services

Thoughtfully Located

Close enough to all the local amenities for ease of use, be it a drycleaner for that crisp, just ironed shirt, that restaurant on your walk back for a quick & convenient dinner or the local store for the ingredients to get creative and whip up a culinary storm in the fully equipped kitchen.

Far enough away not to be disturbed by the lights, noise, aromas or the revellers indulging in them all. As well as a nearby pharmacy, post office and bank for the more academic demands of a busy corporate life on the move.

Easily Accessible

We understand no matter what mode of transport you are traveling by It needs to be as direct & stress free as possible. That’s why our properties are carefully selected to be easily accessible from all major transport links, making your journeys as seamless as possible.

A car driving on a highway in California approaching a large overhead road sign with directions for upcoming exits under a partly cloudy sky.
An airplane approaches for landing above the sign of Gatwick Airport during dusk.
A row of traditional London black cabs lined up on a bustling city street.

Relaxing in Comfort

A living room with a neutral color scheme that strikes the balance between style and comfort.

All our properties are fully equipped and designed with “HOME” in mind.

High quality furniture carefully selected for style and comfort with appliances selected for performance & durability.

We incorporate calm & relaxing colour schemes to provide our clients with a restful space to relax after their working day.

Stay Connected with complementary Wi-Fi, High Speed Broadband and smart TVs.

24 Hour client support line for added peace of mind.