Agent Benefits

Close-up of an insurance agent's hands reviewing a document with a pen, suggesting an office or administrative setting.
A woman cleaning a surface with a cloth while wearing gloves enjoys employment benefits.
Handing over a set of keys, including insurance agent benefits.

World at Home, Quality Relocations as a company

We recognise the high value in the relationships we forge with our contractors and agents alike enabling us to provide the very best service for our clients time and again. We only aim to provide the highest quality experience for every stay generating return visits for longevity of our business and our Agents peace of mind.

  • Long term tenancies providing lower operational costs, peace of mind and security for our Agents.
  • Regular attendance of our professional cleaning teams maintaining the high standard of the property.
  • The high calibre corporate clients we host are professionals traveling for work commitments spending minimal time within the properties, keeping general wear and tare to a minimum.
  • All these measures ensure we can guarantee returning the property in the original standard at the end of the term.